Why Personal Injury Law?

Find out why Kay became a personal injury attorney.

Kay Harper Williams

More about Kay

Kamaria (Kay) Harper Williams is the owner of Kay Harper Williams PLLC, a law firm that handles a myriad of personal injury cases, including automobile, motorcycle, and trucking accidents, wrongful deaths, negligent security, and premises liability matters.

Prior to Kay Harper Williams PLLC, Williams was a partner at Harper Gaines. Before that venture, Williams founded The Harper Law Firm in 2010 and over the years has successfully obtained millions of dollars in compensation for her clients. Before starting The Harper Law Firm, she gained experience at Gary, Williams, Finney, Lewis, Watson, & Sperando (The Willie Gary Firm), working on multi-million dollar litigation and trials, involving wrongful deaths, catastrophic injuries, intellectual property, Vioxx and Tobacco cases.

Williams is a graduate of Tulane University Law School (New Orleans, LA) and is a magna cum laude graduate of Florida A&M University (Tallahassee, FL), where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Williams is active in the Jacksonville community. She is Vice-Chair of the Jacksonville Urban League Economic and Community Development Foundation and formerly served as a board member on the Downtown Investment Authority after being appointed to that position by Mayor Alvin Brown. Williams is also involved with Families of Slain Children, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting families who lost a loved one to violent crime.

Williams was born and raised in Gainesville, FL. She is married and has one son. 

Why hire an African-American lawyer?

"You want someone to whom you can relate and who will work hard for you because they had to work hard to get that title. Having someone on your side who truly understands the nuances of your culture and how that impacts legal matters is paramount. Many large firms believe that they can do business with our community without us and without giving back to the very community that has is largely responsible for their success. They don’t feel that they necessarily need to have African-American attorneys working for them to have access to our community. And if there happens to be an African-American attorney there, it is usually just one. As long as we, as a community, allow that to continue, firms will feel that they can operate in this way." In 2016, African-American women made up 0.64% of law firm partners and 2.32% of law firm associates. That is one of the reasons Kay Harper Williams started her firm -- to provide a place where African-American legal professionals can come to work, grow, be appreciated and comfortable.  

Hire an African-American personal injury attorney! Serving clients in Jacksonville, Gainesville, and throughout Florida.